Visual Basic Accessories and Utilities

No Titles Description Author
1 Address book A visual basic address book. WR Burbidge
2 Book author List of book author tables. This program very good if you are learning how to program with visual basic. Mingnardi Hutomo
3 Customer invoice item Managing customer, invoice, and items in visual basic. Deny Chau
4 Shapes This is an excellent visual basic application for those who are learning how to use mother and child window in visual basic. Deny Chau
5 SQL invoices An invoice application using SQL. Grant Gregory
6 Rakemup An example of creating a help facility in visual basic. David Garrot


No Titles Description Author
1 Ado examples Written codes of how to use Ado is here. WR Burbidge
2 Update tables When you do not know how to update tables. Here is examples. WR Burbidge